SEO management & Maintenance

Your SEO strategy is done – what now?

Having an effective SEO strategy added to your website is just the start fo the journey. If SEO is likened to climbing a ladder then an SEO strategy gets you on the first or second rung of that ladder. In order to climb the ladder to the top (where your website will feature in the best positions on relevant Google searches) your SEO strategy needs to be managed, maintained and monitored. 

Full Circle Digital Marketing wil not only manage your SEO strategy but extend it by professionally deploying white hat SEO techniques to get your website into google’s ‘spotlight’ so that they will place you in relevant search engine results pages and in front of the right audience.

Key focal areas of an effective SEO strategy

Monitoring Analytics

We use specialist software and Google products to monitor your keyword strategy and make improvements


Competitor tracking

Track your competitor’s websites in relation to your focal keywords & Google rank positions to identify areas of improvement


Content Marketing

Enhance your website content in sync with your keyword strategy. Benefit from keyword research for your blog topics and articles

Link Building

Links & citations extend your credibility beyond your website and is a fundamental part of an effective SEO strategy


Directory & forum listings

Get your business listed on general & industry specific directories.  Get recognised as an industry expert by featuring on forum sites

SEO Manager

We work alongside you and your business to guide your online portfolio in the right direction. We can work onsite or remote as preferred


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